Rochester Knitting Guild Membership!

Joining the Rochester Knitting Guild is easy!

Cost: $25 a year (September Meeting to September Meeting)

Membership entitles you to:

    • Subscription to News For Ewes, the RKG Newsletter mailed monthly or emailed in pdf format!
    • Use of and borrowing privileges in the fantastic Guild Library
    • Courtesy discounts at Member Shops
    •  Early registration and member prices for workshops with nationally known instructors
    •  Participate in guild events
    •  Help and support from a group of over 300 knitters
    •  Monthly programs to inspire your knitting
  • Access to the Members Only areas on the Rochester Knitting Guild website

Please click HERE for the RKG Membership Form

Please bring your completed form and the
$25 RKG Membership Fee to the meeting to join.
(Cash or Check are accepted)

Paypal can not be accepted at this time.