The Rochester Knitting Guild is an organization in Rochester, NY that exists to promote learning about knitting, provide a social context for knitting, and encourage the public to learn to knit!

2022-2023 Dates

As we welcome in a new year of the Rochester Knitting Guild, we also welcome in a new group of Board Members! Meet them here!

COVID-19 UPDATE: Temple B'rith Kodesh has dropped all Covid migitgation requirements. Please know if you still wish to wear a mask to in person events, there will be no judgement but it, and vaccines, are no longer a requirement. 

The following dates have been finalized for the 2022-2023 term:

• September 19th (The THIRD Monday of the month) at Temple B’rith Kodesh Welcome Back and 35 Year Anniversary Cake Celebration
• October 3rd (The FIRST Monday of the month) on Zoom Carson Demers Author of Knitting Comfortably: The Ergonomics of Handknitting
• November 14th at Temple B’rith Kodesh RKG Shop Night!!
• December 12th at Temple B’rith Kodesh Presentation by Sue Sayre
• January – 9th on Zoom Canadian Designer Sarah Schira
• February – 13th at Temple B’rith Kodesh
• March – 13th at Temple B’rith Kodesh Mini Workshops
• April – TBD on Zoom
• May – 8th at Temple B’rith Kodesh Yarn Auction

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