Please Contact Us! (2016-2017 Board)

OFFICE                              CONTACT                                  EMAIL ADDRESS

President Amelia Templar
Vice-President Susan Zanni
Secretary Patti Tyler
Treasurer Sarah Shepard
Director (1 yr) Alisson Goldberg
Director (2 yr) Meg Weglarz
Auditor Holly Bauer-Mergen
Membership Cheri Switzer
Community Service ~OPEN~
Librarian Barbara Covill & Lelanda Covill
Shop Liaison Pam Knapp
Newsletter Pam Knapp &
Nancy Thomas
Publicity ~OPEN~
Hospitality Marlene Davidson
Website Alisson Goldberg
Afghan Coordinator ~OPEN~
Auction Coordinator Natalie Klein
Knit-Out Coordinator ~OPEN~
Workshops Cindy Proano  &
Cheri Switzer

 RKG Board Meetings are held at the First Baptist Church
All members are welcome to attend